A little about our most popular Custom Blends:

Miracle Blend The original blend that started it all, and is still the favorite and leading seller. This all purpose seasoning can be used on almost anything. Sprinkle on everything just like you would salt. The enhancement to the flavor of your food is exceptional. You will find yourself always looking for that 'miracle' flavor and never touching a regular salt shaker again.
Old Bavarian Pork and Poultry  A famous old country recipe with sage and caraway, making it a unique pork and poultry seasoning. Sprinkle generously on chicken, pork, or turkey at least 1/2 hour prior to cooking. Just the right combination of spices to bring out the maximum flavor, while keeping the meat tender and juicy. Also excellent sprinkled on fried or boiled potatoes.
Char Broil It This custom seasoning is similar to Miracle Blend, but is specially blended with a natural hickory smoke seasoning. Great for the grill, or gives the grilled flavor when you cook inside. Chef Geno has found a special way to blend the smoke flavor that never makes it over-powering or bitter, like most smoke type seasonings. Also one of the favorites.
Italian  Our salt-free Italian custom blend seasoning is of authentic Italian origin, with heavy basil, light oregano, a dash of fennel and pepper. Excellent as a base for your Italian sauces, or for your favorite pasta dish. Just add tomato sauce, garlic and the Italian seasoning, wha-la! Magnifico! Excellent in sauces, pizza, on garlic bread, in salad dressings, along with sprinkled on top of meat loaf or fish.
Malibar Island Pepper  Our famous Malibar Island Pepper is a 50/50 blend of the world's two best tasting peppers -- Malibar and Tellicherry. Both peppers are grown in the Malibar area of India. "The purest of peppers ~~~ it is sneeze less!" Sneezless only because we use the purest of peppers and fresh grind them, unlike most commercial ground peppers which have fillers. Truly the best pepper.
The Pepper 3-Pack Special This special Basic Three Pack contains the most popular and favorite seasonings. This is all you need to get started. You will be amazed at the enhanced flavor of your meals and the complements from your family and friends. The pack contains: the all purpose Miracle Blend (a must); the Pork & Poultry (an essential for the chicken or pork eater); and the famous Malibar Island Pepper. Purchase a Basic Three Pack for yourself, for a friend or an associate, or as a gift.


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